Are You Protected After Placebo Week

Are You Protected After Placebo Week. You will be protected from getting pregnant after 7 days of consistent use of birth control pills. If you have been on the pill for the designated time (usually at least 7 days) and have not missed and have been good about taking them about the same time daily, yes you are protected on the placebo week.

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It takes at least 21/24 pills correctly taken in a row to successfully prevent ovulation. After week 4, you start a new pack of pills. Missing pills is only a major concern if you take this break, as when you miss pills you haven’t taken 21+ beforehand.

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The answer comes down to how well you can stay on schedule without that last week of pills. Instead, the pills allow you to. If you have only been on birth control for less than 2 months, you may still be at risk of pregnancy while having unprotected intercourse during the week of the placebo you properly take. No, it is only the very first pack that you have to wait the seven days.